Indian Furniture

Indian Furniture, Unique and One-Of-A-Kind, Will Instantly Make a Statement of Your Good Taste

You may want to visit our Bakersfield furniture store just to see the unique pieces of Indian furniture. Some of the Indian furniture pieces use antique doors or architectural salvage combined with new wood to craft an item that exhibits it’s own interesting heritage.

Entrepreneurs in India scour the countryside and out of the way bazaars to collect these hand carved old doors and hand carved accents. They give these pieces they find to skilled local artisans and carpenters to make the Indian furniture. The old pieces are transformed into wonderful cabinets, bookshelves, sofa tables, dining tables and more. These old, intricately carved doors make beautiful dining tables when inlaid with a glass top.

You may discover one particular piece of Indian furniture such as a tall bookcase, with old ornate hand carved trim, that to you becomes a treasured object. Set in your home with other more normal furniture, it helps your room come alive.

Indian furniture may be a “green” investment as old pieces are beautifully recycled.

Rescuing lost classics of hand carved artistry is an eco-friendly way to decorate and helps us to appreciate almost lost treasures from the past. Each piece of Indian furniture has it’s own unique combination of color variation, texture and personality. The recycled wood furniture from India will really make a statement in your home

. Also available to complement these carved and antique furniture from India, is a collection of new rustic solid wood dining room and bedroom sets. They are constructed from solid “Sheesham wood” a hardwood indigenous to India. The tables are probably sturdy enough for restaurant use. We’ve used them in mountain vacation homes and also paired them with sea grass or contemporary leather chairs to create an updated Mediterranean look.

These solid dining tables are available from five to eight feet in length so you can comfortably seat up to eight or ten people. You can mix and match various dining chair styles with the table. Some chairs are all wood, while others have cast iron inlay or large nail head studs and metal straps or trim for a more rustic look. It’s all sturdy, practical furniture from India that is good for daily use and blends with a variety of decorating styles.

If you want something not in the Bakersfield furniture store, we also have an extensive catalog of photos. Most of this Indian furniture is warehoused in California so you don’t have to wait for it to come from India. Visit our Bakersfield furniture store soon to see and feel this beautiful solid wood furniture from India, you’ll be intrigued.

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